Our Product

Arabica & Robusta
(Green Beans)

North Sumatra is an interesting area of origin, unique even among the islands and coffee-producing regions of Indonesia. The wide diversity has been found that there is one interesting reason why we are always happy to come back and contribute in this area. Through this rigorous process we have found producers and developed long-term partnerships with individual farmers/collectors and cooperatives of various smallholders to be precise in North Sumatra.

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Carrots are one of the horticultural commodities of a group of vegetables that have many uses such as health and beauty products that are produced or processed by factories and non-factories.

We have suppliers in various regions of North Sumatrato contribute to the development and marketing of carrots of the highest quality.

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Corn and Corncob

Corn is one of the most important food crops in the world besides wheat and rice. However, corn has different uses and different processing in different countries.

We have suppliers in various regions in North Sumatra to contribute to the development and marketing of the highest quality corn.

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